M/V SEAL ~:Built 1926:~ Territory of Alaska

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90 Years of Juneau Maritime History. The SEAL Wore many hats for the Territory of Alaska into Statehood she was Built as the SEAL then Renamed by the Federal Government SWAN II then as the Glacier Bay park Service Vessel she was renamed the NUNATAK II. When she was retired she was renamed her Birth Name: SEAL. The SEAL was the very First vessel commissioned by and built for the "Territory of Alaska" in 1926 to combat "Fish Piracy" here in Southeast Alaska she was also the first "Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel" [Featured in NOAA "Golden Age of Sail"] Published in National Geographic Magazine 1956 June edition, Wooden Boat Magazine and more. In 1926 she was designed as aThe M/V SEAL was the First Vessel commissioned by and built for the Territorial Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel M/V Seal has Proudly worn JUNEAU on her stern for 90 Years now. Please check back often, I just migrated the old Gallery over "today" This is a New Gallery I am migrating to in preparation of two Major 11 Year awaited projects this summer: The ENTIRE Starboard Stern Quarter Sheer plank and 4 more planks down to the Sponson - new deck beams, house beam adn entire new decking -and- The Entire Stern. The wood has arrived and more is on its way to restore the M/V Seal "The Queen of the Fleet"

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  • admin - Monday 5 September 2016 13:25
    ⊹⊱⋛⋋ The Reveal ⋌⋚⊰⊹
    That awkward moment when the artist knows they have something, and it is not yet time to show "anyone" - so if only to be different, all I have left to do is shape and sand the stern quarter I have been passionate with for a couple weeks now <3 Muah <3 She is still rough and barely dry but she is ALMOST ready. I applied what I hope is the final batch of epoxy last night at 9pm wearing a headlamp in the dark. Just like that.
    I had so much fun with this project that I drilled down 5 More 1/2" fluted oak dowels almost 2 feet down into Other planks so that entire section is now entirely pinned together with 26 oak dowels. Since the plank ends that I restored are stronger than new now being almost entirely made of polymer plastic. Which will Each be re-fastened up to all the new sawn frames using 4-5 inch big ships #20-#24 galvanized fasteners. These 3 planks are going to be replaced next spring along with a few others so that stem to stern she is like new! Then its down to details of two masts and rigging and interior stuff. Which I have original 1926 blueprints for.
    So after I smooth this out today I think she is pretty much ready for Mike Svensson to make her new rim timber this week. With the rim timber installed we can still have the whole side of the boat put back on before winter!