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Stern Project

Stern Project

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Starbord Stern Quarter Project
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Stern Project

Start date 11-06-2010
End date 11-27-2028
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Starbord Stern Quarter Project

Start date 11-07-2010
End date 11-07-2011
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Your contributions makes it possible for generations following us to appreciate the M/V SEAL and her historical territory heritage. Her amazing historical adventure from territorial days into statehood with Juneau being her home port for 90 years is an era that must not be allowed to fade from memory of the old ... or dreams of the young. The M/V SEAL belongs to history, and you.

Thank you for your interest, and support.

Your support can be a one time cash donation, or reoccuring. Members can receive monthly newsletters, adn have access and input on scheduled projects. (such as this summers "Plank Project") The M/V SEAL project also accepts product sponsors with free product placement in each article, and each project used for - or anonymously.

The M/V SEAL is a "Not for Profit" historical restoration of the 1926 Territorial Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel SEAL. The mission of design and duty of purpose of the SEAL is to preserve her significant southeast Alaska maritime history for generations beyond our own. Thank you.

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My lifes simple and complete. I work to support the restoration of the M/V SEAL ( taking breaks to study Linux and Robotics projects, web design, and networking. My free time is shared with my loving 10 year old Alaskan Malamute Spiritual Navigator and Bodhisattva <3 <3 drawing or generally being creative. In 2001 I started streaming a radio station online, and the following year became one of the first on the planet to stream on demand music which also transmits on 96.1FM here in Juneau, Alaska at 250watts. is the launch site still alive today. My experiences in life have taught me that I never want to be rich, because getting by until I die is pleasure enough for me. The restoration of the M/V SEAL will be the legacy I leave the world - and the reason I have donated the SEAL to the non profit I have created to ensure its longevity after I am too old and goofy to maintain her. The MV SEAL was the first vessel commissioned by and built for the Territory of Alaska in 1926, and she carried her share of the load into and beyond statehood. The M/V SEAL was the first "Territorial Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel" and was entrusted with many duties far and beyond for almost 100 years now. The restoration project of the MV SEAL that I started in 2004 was graced with being Published in WoodenBoat Magazine in 2008, and a PDF of that article is here: Russell_J_Peterson_Jr_Juneau_Alaska_WoodenBoat-Sept-2008.pdf I am a printer by trade, and still own a printshop out in the valley which is currently in storage, and very much my "Retirement Plan" for winters here. This year I get my 100 Ton Masters License to legally charter the M/V SEAL in the summers here in Juneau, Alaska. Every penny paid to the non profit trust for the MV SEAL Fish and Wildlife Patrol Vessel. I do networking/server/workstation installation and support for a select group of businessmen and properties in Juneau, Alaska. My broad scope of skills include electronic key card server builds, installation and support. Workstation, Server, PBX, Analog and Digital service and support. I offer mission critical support including nights weekends and holidays on call support, and remote monitoring. I am an experienced shipwright having built my first boat at the age of 12 (photos: In Juneau I have have been fortunate to watch, learn and work with the vest Best Shipwrights that have migrated thru in the almost 30 years that I have been here. This is my 3rd large vessel restoration, and is 65 feet of Labor, Love, and purpose greater than self.

For more sites created, owned, maintained by or about Russ Peterson Juneau Alaska please see the following links:
http://guysnutes/store Russell Peterson 1687 Harbor Way Juneau Boat Alaska 99801
Russell J Peterson Jr 1687 Harbor Way Juneau Boat Alaska 99801
Russ Peterson Juneau Boat Alaska claims no ownership to material which is not his direct work product.
Rusty Peterson Juneau Alaska is AKA Russell Josh Peterson Juneau Boat Alaska
Russell J. Peterson, Jr. Juneau Boat Alaska
Russell Josh Peterson Juneau Boat Alaska
Russell J Peterson Jr Juneau Boat Alaska
Russell J. Peterson, Jr. Juneau Boat Alaska
Russ Peterson 1687 Harbor Way Juneau Boat Alaska 99801
Russ Peterson Juneau Boat Alaska claims no ownership to material which is not his direct work product.
Rusty Peterson Juneau Alaska also known as Russell Josh Peterson Juneau Boat
Russ Peterson Juneau Boat Alaska also know as Josh Warner Juneau Boat Alaska
The Supreme Court of the State of Alaska
Russell J. Peterson, Jr. Juneau Court Boat Alaska Trial Law
Russell Civil Juneau Boat Alaska Peterson tyna ek ethics violation bar washington
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